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Car insurance in kenya ensures that you do not suffer a setback financially in case of an accident. But remember, it is not a one-size-fits-all requirement. Choose the most suitable plan for you and include the benefits that you would like to have. It is also a legal requirement to have car insurance in Kenya.

car insurance in kenya
car insurance in kenya
  • Comprehensive

    Repair or replace vehicle or its parts in case of loss or damage and cover 3rd party legal liability

  • Third party

    Compensation of legal liability on 3rd party

  • Third party and Fire

    Compensation of legal liability on 3rd party bodily injury, death and damage of property
    Loss in case of fire

Have you settled for a car insurance policy in Kenya simply because you could not get a better deal? Check again, you may be missing out on many better options. Make sure you have searched the market well enough before choosing an insurance policy for your vehicle.

Your car is one of the most essential investment and asset of your life. It is necessary that your vehicle is protected from unforeseen events such as theft, accident or natural calamities. The medical expenses, repair costs, third-party expenses are enough to drain your pocket. Hence, we at DELBOSS INSURANCE AGENCY always advise you to get your automobile insured under a beneficial coverage plan.

What’s more in Car Insurance Kenya?

When you insure your car with us, you are not just buying car insurance Kenya; you are getting a strong partner who understands your needs and one who will be on your side at every turn and intersection. Scroll further to know more about what benefits you can avail under the purchased coverage plan.

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